Remuneration and

In addition to many other elements, Tango – Solutions RH and its partners will support you with regard to employee remuneration, an important aspect that can differentiate you from the competition, Both in terms of salaries and employee benefits, it is important that your effort is well-structured, appropriate and well-thought-out to avoid salary disparities within the team.

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Services available

  • Assessment and recommendations for the job structure and internal salary scales;
  • Benchmarking salaries in your industry and in the general market;
  • Analysis and establishment of a salary equity policy
  • Pay process structure, recommendations for the right systems, submittal of information required according to salaries;
  • Analysis and development of a program or initiatives to optimize employee benefits with regard to company budgets;
  • Agreement negotiations with employee benefits suppliers.


I want to meet a Tango team member for a discussion.