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At Tango – HR Solutions, recruitment is much more than just recommending the best CVs for a position. We hope to do nothing less than match the needs of a company with the deepest aspirations of the best talents. That’s how the best connections are created!

We are completely dedicated to your job search.

It is the same company. It simply changed its name in November 2022 to recognize the shift to an enhanced array of services to support companies and organizations throughout their HR functions. Tango is still a firm specializing in recruitment and hiring. If you were employed by Barbara Personnel Inc., your relationship with us remains the same under Tango – HR Solutions. We simply have more services to offer you!

Using our headhunter and job placement services means you can consolidate all your efforts in one place. You’ll have a dedicated team to find a position that fulfills your aspirations and to support you throughout the process. As well, you can access a single platform to find a number of open positions at the region’s best employers. We often have access to openings before anyone else. You can count us to quickly let you know about positions meeting your expectations, sometimes even before they are published elsewhere.

No, our job support services are free for job seekers. Fees may apply for complementary services and some kinds of training.

It is useful to know that labour standards require that an employee who has used a placement agency have the same salary scale as an employee with the same job description in the company where they are hired. The salary scale must be taken into account in certain cases, according to the number of years of work and experience of the person.

Yes. For almost 50 years, Tango – HR Solutions (previously known as Barbara Personnel Inc.) has been a key recruitment partner for the federal government in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. If you are interested in government positions, please fill out your profile and indicate this. We look forward to supporting you.

Yes. We do more than just temporary job placement. Through our recruitment and headhunting service, we help hundreds of job seekers find a permanent position that suits their profile and aspirations.

Not necessarily. Posted job openings usually indicate the employer’s expectations with regard to languages required for the position. You can select the positions that correspond to your profile.

Yes. You can be part of our bank of candidates. But you must have a social insurance number. Two rules to follow:

  • If you are under 16, you cannot work during school hours, nor between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.
  • If you are under 14, you must have written consent of a parent.

No. It is important to know that no employee has their salary reduced when working for a placement agency. Tango’s client, i.e. the company that uses your services, pays for our services.

Yes. We have an agreement with all our clients that lets them hire you when they choose to do so, sometimes in exchange for administrative fees or respecting a certain number of hours worked.

Yes, we respect all labour standards with regard to vacations, holidays and sick leave. We ask you to advise us at least two weeks before the requested date so that we can plan for our client’s needs while you are absent. Some companies hiring our employees close down during the holiday period or during the summer. We always offer the accumulated 4%.

That depends on the type of position you are applying for and our clients’ requirements. In several cases, when the job requires specific knowledge or expertise, we will test you so as to complete your job-seeking file.

Do you want to maximize your chances of success?