Tango – HR Solutions and its partners will help you fulfill many human resource functions, such as the development of tools and processes to make talent hiring, performance management and succession planning easier. Working with you, the HR specialist will evaluate your company’s objectives in order to determine the best workforce strategies to implement.

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Services available

  • Coordination for the development and/or updating of strategic planning by retaining the services of an expert in the subject;
  • Coordination of HR actions and priorities to reach corporation objectives based on strategic planning;
  • Development of internal tools (hiring, performance, etc.);
  • Coordination and support during meetings with employees;
  • Consultation services with managers to guide them about all 13 specialties, or to refer them to experts if needed;
  • Development of internal policies (use of social networks, corporate involvement, etc.)
  • Development of an internal communication structure and process, with recommendations for tools to use, including drafting of content.
  • Support in the development of your human resources department;
  • Development of an Employee Guide for optimal job integration;
  • Coordination of company francization program.


I want to meet a Tango team member for a discussion.